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All presenting authors must pay non-refundable pre-registration fee. Your fee is limited to present one paper in oral sessions. Additional accepted paper from same author are subjected to additional fee as further below. Only preregistered and paid submissions before 15 May, 2019 will be scheduled in the conference program. Inclusion of the submissions in the Final Program is guaranteed only after the pre-registration of the presenting author is completed. Your pre-registration will be valid only provided the payment is received timely.

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You can also insert other food restrictions. eg: Gluten, Peanuts, Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soil, Fish, Shellfish

For online payment only. Warning: Italian banks accept payments in Euro only. Please convert your fee with the current EUR/USD conversion rate.

To see the total amount, click to the link "Registration and social dinner" and add the corresponding elements to the cart. No payment is done is that phase.

Registration fee and Social dinner
Check here if you need to deal with "fatturazione elettronica e split dell'IVA".
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How to pay


The payment can be done by credit card or by bank transfer.

1. If you would pay by credit card, please, go to the following link (online payment options are available):

2. If you would pay by bank transfer, please, fill in the registration form and complete the payment.

Researchers and professors coming from an Italian University or public administration in the online registration form have to choose VAT Exemption and fill in the form “Invoice Request”.

For any problem with your payment, please contact us by email

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